I just want to thank you again for giving me something to live for. When I first came to see you, I felt like a slug. I had NO energy at all. My mouth was sore with thrush, and I felt as though I was of no use to anyone. Thanks to your and your staff, and loving care, I am now a different person. More like what I used to be, and should be. I have energy and feel usefull, and love getting out and seeing other people and singing in our church choir.



You are not much older than I am. but you ARE more side and knowledgeable than I am, especially when health is concerned. I believe our city is very fortunate to have a physician such as you. I believe the thing that impressed me the most when I came to your office for help is your desire to heal body, mind, and soul. To heal the whole person. Another one of my favorite things about you is the positive, uplifting and encouraging wss that you deal with your patients. You give very good advise on health, but you also give hope!. Without hope your patients would not have the heart to try to get better



ll have looked a long time to find a doctor like you. I’ve tried top get in shape but was told to eat all the wrong things. You taught me right and I lost 40 pounds. I am 50 years old but feel like I’m 25.

You not only healed my body, but my mind also.



Its hard to put into words how much we are truly thankful for all the ways in which you have blessed our lives – physically, emotionally & spiritually. Our family is so grateful for all you have done to make our lives better.



I fell so fortunate to have made my first phone call to Dr. Petro’s office seeking help with physical ailments that continued to tax my tolerance level and rob me of the joy of living. I was amazed by Dr. Petro’s ability to identify the underlying problems. For the first time, a doctor that really listened and made a genuine effort to map out a road back to better health. It wasn’t just because “I was getting older!”



I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the difference you’ve helped me achieve in my overall health. When I first came to see you, five months ago, it was because I was having frequent, unbearable, migraine headaches. Through discussion of my daily habits, eating and lifestyle, you were able to recommend changes to my diet, supplements, and exercises, which have made a world of difference.


I anticipated that the migraines would get better with treatment, but I never imagined that I would benefit in so many other ways. I now have much more energy, my emotional state has improved (for that, my husband thanks you!), headaches are rare, my crohns’s disease is much more under control that it has been in quite a while, and I simply feel really good!



Dr. Petro

Thank you so much for all you have done for my wife and me for these past six years. Your skill, encouragement and heartfelt care has been a great blessing to us. You have certainly made a 180 degree difference in our lives



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